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RS Grover Hospital

Welcome To RS Grover Hospital

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reputed & one of the leading multi-specialty hospitals. Our facilities are of high quality and utmost care is taken for the safety of the patients. This hospital is run by professionals who excel in their respective fields. They have been serving society for the last 25 years. This is a facility that has come up in the area of East Delhi called Priyadarshini Vihar.


We have functional 30 beds with highly sophisticated 2 modular Operation Theatre, Labour Room, ICU, and  Nursery. We also have a Clinical Pathology Lab, E.C.G., Digital X-ray and Ultrasound & 2D Echo facilities along with 24-hour Emergency, We have vast experience in providing high-quality surgical services in Delhi. Our hospital is registered with the Directorate of Health Services (D.G.H.S.) Reg. No.808

List of Faculties


  • GYNAE & OBST:- Dr. Rita Grover MBBS, DGO
  • Medical Director:- Dr. Rajeev Grover, Retd. Sr. CMO North DMC Medical College and Hindu Rao Hospital.
  • CMO Plan  North DMC Medical College and Hindu Rao Hospital.
  • CMO Deptt. of  Paediatrics  Experience 25 yrs in Hindu Rao Hospital and Swami Dayanand Hospital.
  • INTERNAL MEDICINE:- Dr. B.M.Doda, MD  (Medicine)Dr. Rajeev Gupta MBBS, MD (Medicine)
  • PAEDIATRICS & NEONATOLOGY:-  Dr. Suchit Gupta, MBBS, MD, Dr. Sanjay Mehta MBBS, MD, Dr. Karan Raheja, MBBS, MD
  • ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY:-  Dr. Shekhar Shrivastav, MBBS, MS (ORTHO)Dr.  S.K. Aggarwal, MBBS, MS (ORTHO)
  • NEUROLOGY:-  Dr.Nirmala Lahoti MBBS, MD, Dr. Amit Batra, MD (Medicine) DM (Neurology) MAMC Delhi
  • ANAESTHETIST:-  Dr. Nischal MD, Dr. Pramod MD, Dr. Chaitra MD, Dr. Atul Gupta MD,            
  • PATHOLOGY:- Dr. Sarika Shrivastava MD
  • RADIOLOGIST:- Dr. Vikas Jain, MBBS MD
  • UROLOGY:- DR.Pawan Kesarwani MBBS, MCH
  • OPHTHALMOLOGY:- Dr. Ruma Gupta  MS
  • E.N.T.:- Dr. Monika MS, DNB, Dr. Prateek Sharma, MBBS, (MAMC) MS ENT (AIIMS Delhi)
  • CARDIOLOGY:- DR. Mudit Kumar MS, DNB
  • GASTROENTEROLOGY:- Dr. Deepak Lahoti MD, DM
  • PLASTIC SURGERY:- DR. Amitabh Singh MS, MCH
  • ONCOLOGY:- DR. Pawan Gupta MD,
  •  Onco Surgeon:- Dr. Rudra Prasad Acharya, MS FAIS, FIAGES, Fellowship in Surgical Oncology,
  • SKIN CARE:- Dr. Shilpi Taneja, MD
  • R.M.O.:-DR. Kartik Kumar Pandey MBBS
  • Dr. Lalit:- MBBS



High Standard Treatment is our top priority. The cost of treatment is always competitive and reduced for ordinary people without changing the standard of treatment. In short, excellent treatment without considering payment mode.


Prompt and immediate treatment in case of emergencies has been our hallmark.

The Center is kept under cover by graduate resident doctors round the clock and the senior consultants are readily available on call.

The standard of all departments, e.g. Laboratory, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Physiotherapy, and Endoscopy has also been maintained at a high standard. Our nurses and their work are of high quality. They are courteous and render all the services with a Paramedical staff and another staff of the center is constantly briefed about cleanliness, co-operative behavior with the patients, and above all courtesy of the highest standard.


  • The patients will receive prompt and efficient service on arrival, whether in an emergency or as a routine.
  • They will be attended mostly by senior, highly qualified, and experienced consultants in different disciplines.
  • They will receive a very high standard of services under one roof, viz. doctors, laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, casualty, ambulance, and catering.
  • Besides excellent treatment, the cost of treatment will be constantly kept low without sacrificing the standard of treatment.

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