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Digital X-Ray Service

Digital X-rays are like the digital cameras we have today. They still use X-rays as the standard X-rays; the only difference is that their sensors are connected to a computer and not a film. This enables the modern X-ray to capture clearer and more accurate images as compared to its predecessor. The major concern when it comes to X-rays is exposure to radiation. Even though it is a digital radiograph, people still get queasy. When getting an X-ray in our emergency clinic, you might be told that you need to wear a lead apron, which just compounds the fear of radiation exposure. The radiation emitted by X-rays is relatively low and is safe to receive after a few months. The radiation levels produced by modern X-rays are even safer than the standard X-rays since they emit 80% less radiation than classic rays. The whole point of using radiography is to peer into the body and detect health issues that otherwise cannot be viewed with the naked eye. For this to happen, you need to produce clear images. Get the best Digital X-Ray Service by RS GROVER HOSPITAL at affordable prices.


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