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OPD Service Hospital

It is known as an outpatient department in which we provide the facility of diagnosis and take care of the patients who can not stay overnight. This is especially meant for the outpatients. This department is an integral part for the hospital to run. It also includes in-patient services and physicians and surgeons who take care of inpatients in the ward and are consultants in the OPD. Before being admitted as an inpatient the examination and treatment take place in the OPD. The patients who are in-patient and get discharged they also visit to the OPD for follow-up. An outpatient department or outpatient clinic is designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not require a bed or to be admitted. OPD is designed to be the first contact point between the patient and hospital staff. Outpatient means patients who are not admitted to the hospital. These are basically synonymous to doctor’s chambers. It is the same as taking an appointment and visiting a doctor’s chamber, just here, the “chambers” are under the hospital’s banner and one takes the appointment, on reaching the hospital, from the reception, whereas you might have to take prior appointment while visiting a doctor in a chamber.

  • OPD Service Hospital in Preet Vihar
  • OPD Service Hospital in mayur Vihar
  • OPD Service clinic in Preet Vihar

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