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Diagnostic ultrasound, also called sonography or diagnostic medical sonography, is an imaging method that uses sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. The images can provide valuable information for diagnosing and directing treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Most ultrasound examinations are done using an ultrasound device outside your body, though some involve placing a small device inside your body.\ Gel is applied to your skin over the area being examined. It helps prevent air pockets, which can block the sound waves that create the images. This safe, water-based gel is easy to remove from skin and, if needed, clothing. A trained technician (sonographer) presses a small, hand-held device (transducer) against the area being studied and moves it as needed to capture the images.


  • Best Ultrasound Centre in Nirman Vihar
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  • Best Ultrasound Centre in Krishna Nagar
  • Best Ultrasound Centre in Lakshmi Nagar
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