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Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital

Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital

Acute injuries, inherited and acquired diseases, chronic arthritic or overuse illnesses of the bones, joints, and soft tissues around them, such as ligaments, muscles, and nerves, are all treated by the specialty of orthopaedic surgery. Because of the extent to which modern surgery has advanced, surgeons today specialize in specific areas, typically related to anatomical regions of the body, but occasionally they may also focus on a particular method or patient type. a minimally invasive procedure wherein damaged joint tissue (such as torn ligaments or floating cartilage) is diagnosed and repaired by means of probing the joint. To make sure that bones are stable, heal properly, and the patient keeps function, a variety of treatments are used, depending on the type, severity, and location of the fracture. This can involve the use of external pinning and frames, immobilization, and permanent pins and plates.


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Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital in Geeta Colony
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Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital in I.P. Extension
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